What distinguishes television from radio

What distinguishes television from radio

items it provides

Television shares with radio some of the things it provides, such as sound, for example, but it differs from it in providing dynamic movement. Where television can target emotional communication, and the embodiment of personalities for the audience to link it to them using several senses, As for radio, it addresses the listeners through sound only.


Television advertisements are more expensive than radio advertisements, and they can generate a larger audience, and television advertising is the best way to market a product that needs visual display, but if the product is based on information and does not necessarily need images, radio can attract the required customers through Radio, On the other hand, radio listeners often perform other activities while listening; Like driving a car, for example; Therefore, the advertisement cannot obtain the same attention that it receives when it is shown in other media, and the advertisement on the radio needs to be shown more than once in order for the listener to notice it, and television usually reaches a much wider audience than those that reach Local newspapers and radio stations refer to it.

TV positives

One of the advantages of television is that it provides educational programs rich in information and values ​​that enhance the intellectual development of children, and also helps them in acquiring language, learning numbers and letters, with reference to the need to choose educational programs specially designed for that, and television contains different stations that include different topics that keep The public is in constant contact with the affairs that occur in the world, and it presents these events more clearly than magazines and newspapers, and television is a huge source of information that enriches knowledge in various fields such as cooking, for example, by presenting practical courses on cooking in it, along with Therefore, television is a source of entertainment and recreation, by showing funny programs.

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